Tourist Spots in Cotabato City

Discover this marvelous city and visit the newest pride of Cotabato City, the People's Palace or "Palasyo ng Masa", sitting on a 8 hectare prime location, the structure showcases a rich blend of unique Muslim and Christian architectural design.
Kutawato Cave (image source -
Uncover the Kutawato Caves. The only caves where you can find right in the heart of the city, with four major entrances offering various natural attractions like rock formations, salt water ponds, underground river and an array of fruit bats. The name given to the caves is the origin of the city's present name, Cotabato. Kuta means "fort" and Wato means "stone", hence the name "Fort of Stone". The term Kutawato eventually became "Cotabato". 

Enjoy water sports in the Rio Grande de Mindanao, the longest river in Mindanao and the second longest river in the country.

See the colorful and intricately hand woven cloth called "Inaul malong" that are queenly paraded in the Inaul Festival. Experience sumptuous dinner in the "Pagana Maguindanao", a traditional way of dining in honor of guests, held during festivals, special occasions and dinner-receptions.

Araw ng Cotabato - June 12-25
Shariff Kabunsuan FEstival - December 15-19
Immaculate Concepcion Day - December 8