Tacurong city

From an obscure barangay in the 1940s, Tacurong had courageously fought endless battle against all odds. After several decades of hurdling, the place had become what it is now...a booming city in the island of Mindanao. Strategically located at the crossroads of Central Mindanao, Tacurong city is continuously traversing the crossroads of total development.

One of Tacurong's most unique attraction is the Baras Bird Sanctuary where you can see black crowned night herons and cattle egrets. Covering nearly two hectares, the site is home to more than 10,000 bird species.

Witness a rare spectacle featuring multi-fabric, multi-sized, mulit-colored, multi-shaped and multi-ornamented head gears as the city celebrates Talakudong Festival which coincide with the city's Foundation Anniversary. The Talakudong Festival is a cultural show done through street dancing. "Talakudong" is a Maguindanaon term for the Philippine traditional hat, otherwise called "salakot" by other ethnicities in the country. Participants during the festival perform different renditions of the Salakot Dance while dressed in colorful native costumes. The dances are accompanied by tribal percussion.