Surigao Del Norte

Dubbed the city of island adventures, Surigao del Norte teases tourists with its vacay resume of "island hopping adventures, cave exploration, trekking, canoeing." Situated at the northeastern tip of Mindanao, the capital city of Surigao serves as a gateway to Mindanao - the southernmost of the three island groups of the Philippines. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides a diverse aquatic life, hence, plenty of aquatic activities.
Siargao Waves (photo by Ramil Calabia)

Look for a teardrop in the Philippine map and you've located the island of Siargao. More than the dramatic shape, Siargao boasts of mangrove forests, the largest in Mindanao; the Cloud 9, thick, hollow tubes of waves - the site of an international, surfing competition sponsored by local government - earning it the title as the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines."

The best months for surfing in Siargao begins in August then picks up during September and October. This is when the winds and typhoon swells abound.
Silop Cave (image source)
Spelunking enthusiasts need not fret for there are three notable caves in Surigao for your expedition - Mapawa Cave, Buenavista Cave and Silop Cave.

The Zaragoza Rock Formations, seemingly floating hunks of rocks when viewed from a distance, 6 meter high stand out from surrounding coconut trees and nipa, ang the "magical" appearances of the Bitaugan Whirlpools are just some of the seaside spectacles you'll witness in Surigao del Norte.

Mimicking the archipelagic geography of the country, Surigao del Norte is like a buffet of islands just waiting to be sampled. Take your pick from Berok and Basul to Sumilom and Sagisi - slices of paradise characterized by soothing sea breeze, fresh out of the ocean food fare, and serenity to wash life's stresses away.