Palawan: Puerto Prinsesa Tours You Shouldn't Miss!

Underground River Tour
     Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River National Park is a World Heritage Site inscribed by UNESCO on December 4, 1999. The world's longest navigable Underground River that winds through spectacular cave before emptying out into the South China Sea.

Island Hopping Tour
     Just a few minutes north of the city proper, hop into a boat and go island hopping at Honda Bay. Take your pick from several islands, bask in the sun, play with the fishes and enjoy Palawan's pristine waters. 
1. Pambato Reef
2. Arreceffi Island
3. Starfish Island
4. Pandan Island
5. Snake Island
6. Bat Island
7. Cowrie Island
8. Lu-Li Island

City Tour
     A half day tour of the city's historical and cultural spots, natural and man-made attractions and scenic sights. Itineraries include the following:
  • Plaza Cuartel, Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, Baywalk, Mendoza Park and Palawan Museum.
  • Puerto Prinsesa City Coliseum, Sports Complex and Puerto Prinsesa City Hall.
  • Butterfly Garden, Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, Mitra's Ranch and Baker's Hill.
Note: A Study Tour of Lakbay-Aral will include project site visits, briefing and interaction with City Government Offficials.

1. Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour
     45 minute boat ride into the Sabang river and its centuries old mangroves. Interpretation and hospitality of trained community guides make the tour special.
2. Dolphin and Whaleshark Watching
     Dolphins are year round treat such as spinners, risso's and trasers. The gentle Whalesharks are often encountered feeding on planktons along the tunas.
3. Ugong Rock and Zipline
     A main treat in an easy rope climb thru the caves filled with stalactites till you reach the highest peak, go down with a big drop through the 330 meters Zipline. Truly an exciting experience!
4. Pambato Reef/Dalubkaragatan
     Hop unto the turtle shaped Dalub-karagatan, a floating information center ran by trained local guides, and pick up wealth of knowledge about the marine ecology of this place.
5. Firefly Watching
     You will be welcomed by myriad colonies of fireflies, inhabiting the river banks by the amazing bio-luminous planktons in the river and where star gazing in the middle of the wilderness is at its best.
6. San Carlos Floating Restaurant
     Offers a unique chance to explore the wonders of a mangrove ecosystem in its primeval state.
7. Maoyon River Cruise
     Enjoy a river cruise and marvel at the scenic sights and lush greenery. Bring your family and friends for a bamboo rafting at Burabod picnic area or paddle to nearby giant Dao trees.
8. Batak Visitor Center
     Catch a glimpse of the indigenous tradition and culture of the Batak tribe. Shy but hospitable people who lives in the foothills and mountains northeast of Puerto Prinsesa.