13 Must See Areas in Puerto Galera

Manila’s nearest dreamland to the south is a municipality bestowed in the midst of profuse natural resources, striking sceneries and varied activities. Sun and sea lovers will find the long shoreline, broad stretches of white sand beaches and enticingly sparkling clear waters quite irresistible. Awarded as “One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World,” Puerto Galera, guarantees the fastest travel, oodles of fun for the entire family, and an abundance of nature for all and sundry. Puerto Galera simply means “Port of Galleons,” and offers enchantingly beautiful discoveries for the traveler – adventure, recreation and leisure. It boasts lush land and seascapes, and a place where the typical charm and hospitality of Filipinos are readily heard and felt – a very accommodating atmosphere that certainly makes one feel welcome. 

1. Lighthouse Passage
Located at Sinandigan, the towered lighthouse engulfs you to a spectacular view of VerdeIsland's vastness and glorious sight of Galera's world class dive sites.

2. Diver's Paradise
Jump into the rock bottom of Sabang, Galera's awfully owned submerged Eden. Dip and dive into sultry waters, described as the "centre of the center's world's richest marine biodiversity." Cavort on Big and Small Lalaguna waters, enjoy endless activities at the Proper, see and experience world-class resorts at Behiya and Daluruan.

3. City in the Wilerness
The idyllic way of life is beyond imagination at Palangan. Rustic, cool and relaxing style of living afar in the midst of the hustling busy life. Indeed, a city in the wilds!

4. The Business Center
An emerging busy area is Poblacion. True to its name, the place remains to be the center of trade and commerce, where the grandeur of Puerto Galera Bay, one of the world’s most beautiful bays is strategically located. 

5. Grandiose Gold 
Aptly applies to Tabinay, which boasts unending and splendidly flickering karats of gold. 

6. The Spring in the Sea. 
It’s a rare occurrence to find a river with a spring within a sea!  It’s definitely real! Call it one of God’s unusual works of heaven! Find it in Dulangan.

7. Cascades and Flowers. 
If you wonder where they are, visit Villaflor. The name connotes flowers and blooms in different shapes and sizes. Tamaraw and Tukuran Falls are added bonuses for visitors’ enjoyment. 

8. Aquarium Habitat. 
This is home to throngs of small but eager tropical fish waiting to be fed by visitors, as well as an interesting drop-off point for shallow dives. Come to the place called Sto. Niño

9. The Port. 
The radiance and warmth it exudes are distinctly its own. Get closer and take a relaxing trip. See for yourself and relish the warmth of the Balatero harbor

10. Dazzling White Beach
Puerto Galera Map (source-http://lgutourismpuertogalera.webs.com)
A foremost beach area in Galera has radiant stretch of white sand. Patronized worldwide by beach lovers, it has become a much-loved hangout of local and foreign tourists and offers fine, fair sand fringed with frothy azure waters. Ride a tricycle for San Isidro. 

11. The Towering Heights
Linger in the mightiness of its heights. A giant rock formation awaits adventure-seeking visitors. Enjoy the gentility of Aninuan & Talipanan Falls, a 40-minute trek passing through rivers before finally reaching the falls. 

12. The Island in an Island. 
Snorkeling, swimming, boating… all in just one place – at San Antonio – a variety of corals, reef fish and coral formations, a profusion of fish and a stunning site for marine camera work. A cut of Seventh Heaven! 

13. Baclayan: Home of Mangyan Iraya. 
A set for nature adventures and cultural immersion, with days for indulging in activities such as strolling, biking and trekking, and evenings for campfire chats and star gazing.