Beautiful Bohol Tourist Spots

A beguiling island which is home to the iconic Chocolate Hills which are thousands of dome-shaped chocolate colored limestone hills situated in the province's central portion. Bohol is also known for the Queen Bee Farm, the Loboc River Cruise, white sand beaches and dive sites in Panglao Island, centuries old stone churches, the gigantic Humpback Whales, the mischievous dolphins, the flying lemur and the tarsier, the world's smallest primate.

A wonderful blend of nature and culture. Bohol is the prime eco-cultural tourist destination in the Philippines. The island boasts of a rich heritage of centuries old churches, peculiar musical instruments and angelic voices.

Bohol also boasts of ecological wonders such as the Chocolate Hills of Carmen, the largest man-made forest in the Philippines found in Bilar. The pristine white beaches of Panglao and the acclaimed dive spots scattered all over the province.

Add to that a people of warmth and dignity, making this southern province the destination of choice of local and foreign tourists.

Tourist Spots not to be missed:

Blood Compact Site - Sandugo as it is locally known, the site is home to the Blood Compact ritual between Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Bohol's chieftain Datu Sikatuna on March 16, 1565. A monument made by National Artist Napoleon Abueva now marks the site.

Baclayon Church - Built by Jesuits in 1595, the church is the second oldest church in the Philippines. Turn back time and explore the antiquated artifacts dating back to the onset of Christianization in the province.

Alburquerque Church - The municipality of Alburqueque, also referred to as "Albur" or "Albu", is located 12 kilometers from Tagbilaran city. The parish was created shortly after Albu was separated from the town of Baclayon. Here, you'll also find Prony the phyton, said to be the longest and heaviest phyton in captivity at 7 meters, 300kg.

Loboc River - Take a cruise on Loboc River where you'll be treated to a view of lush vegetation from the surrounding forest. Here you'll have the option to go on board a floating restaurant serving a sumptuous buffet while serenaded by rondalla music.

Tarsier Sanctuary - Located in the town of Corella, the 134 hectare forest land serves as a protected habitat for the Philippine Tarsier. Measuring about 85 to 160 millimetres, these primates are not easy to spot. Though with its large eyes and long tail, they probably won't have any trouble spotting approaching tourists and promptly go into hiding.

Chocolate Hills - A world famous tourist spot, with over a thousand rolling hills spread over an area of 50 square km, though formation of this geological landscape is debatable, one thing's for sure, luscious brown or lush and green, Chocolate Hills is quite a sight to behold.

Panglao - For some well-deserved rest and relaxation, Panglao, which offers refreshing wonders of the beach is known for its world famous dive sites. Book your accommodation in Panglao

How to Get There?

Daily flight from Manila direct to Tagbilaran City (the capital of Bohol) that would only take you less than two hours. From Cebu to Tagbilaran is only an hour and a half via fast crafts ferrying passengers to the island at various intervals everyday. Bohol is also accessible from several provinces in Mindanao.