Tourist Spots in Baggao, Cagayan

Baggao is gifted with natural aesthetically pristine and beautiful sceneries where horizons of water, rocks, rare species of plants and untamed animals abound. The lush of rolling hills and mountains covered with thick forest vegetation is evident of truly awesome and breathtaking gift of Mother Nature.

Duba Undeground River and Cave
San Miguel, Baggao, Cagayan
Duba Cave

Stay the whole day and frolic under the tropical sun. The inviting crystal clear water awaits you at the Duba River, a perfect place for swimming and for boating adventure. After an invigorating dip in the water, explore tha caves and feel the self revealing ambiance of the icicle formed stalactites and the dripping stalagmites penetrated by the rays of the sun over a peeping cove. At dusk, the awesome "circadian flight" of bats in various formation is the most awaited part of the adventure.

The Hotspring
Asinga-Via, Baggao, Cagayan

This is a manifestation of the volcanic nature of the region, a spring of hot to warm waters springing from the foot of the Sierra MAdre in cascades in between huge bold rock formations. Sulfuric chemical intrusion from the bowels of the mountain makes the water medicinal, hence a perfect place for a health SPA.

The Calimudinan Falls
Sta. Margarita, Baggao, Cagayan
Calimudinan Falls
Thundering from the 100 meter high steep of the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre is the Kalimudinan Falls. Tha falls proudly display its roaring clear and cool waters perfect for carefree splashing, bathing and fun. A five hour trek through the narrow horse-tail foot trail embaraced by razor sharp cliffs is just right for mountain climbers and trekking experts.

The Blue Water Falls and Caves
Pallagao, Bagao, Cagayan

Feel and enjoy the lambent waters cascading the bolder rocks towards the lagoon of the Bluewater Falls. Trek the trails and go higher the slopes. Grip through a giant vine with your bare foot and slowly creep up walls through slippery rocks...up..up...up till you embrace the peak. Rest a bit then explore the cave and feel the invigorating coolness of the mountain breeze, meditate and commune with Mother Nature.

How to get to Baggao?
Baggao is located 62 kilometers north of Tuguegarao City and approximately 517 kms north of Metro Manila. Boarding to Florida Transport and Dalin Liner, one could get off directly to Baggao in 12 hours. Cruising the Maharlika Highway from Tuguegarao City and passing through the municipalities of Iguig, Amulung and Baybayog Junction (Alcala) enroute the Baybayog Junction-Sta. Margarita Road, simply board San Jose-Baggao bound service ehicle, van for hire, or mini bus and after one hour and thirty minutes you get off directly at San Jose, the seat of the municipal government. The road is a McAdam type, but the scenery at sight and the trip itself an adventure.

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  2. hi! my friends and i are planning to go to Baggao this summer! we really need extra help with info gathering on the following:

    1. is it possible to do a day trip to Blue Water Cave and Duba Cave coming from Tuguegarao?

    2. do they have affordable hotels/hostels/dorm rooms in Baggao?

    3. where do we start our journey to Blue Water Cave and Duba Cave? which barangay? tricycle ride? where do we get a guide?


  3. Thanks for sharing this. We went here in Nov 2014. Here's our story:


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