List of Old Churches, Museums and Art Galleries in Laguna

Laguna's Old Churches

  • Church of St. Gregory the Great, Majayjay - Built in 1571
  • Church of St. Bartholomew, Nagcarlan - Built in 1583
  • Cathedral of St. Paul, First Hermit, San Pablo City - Built in 1586
  • Church of Nuestra Señora de la Natividad, Pangil - Built in 1587
  • Church of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, Mabitac - Built in 1611
  • Church of San Antonio de Padua, Pila - Completed in 1618
  • Church of Immaculate Concepcion, Los Baños - Built in 1671
  • Church of St. Peter of Alcantara, Pakil - Built of bamboo and nipa in 1676 and reconstructed of stone in 1732
  • Church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Pagsanjan - Originally built of nipa and bamboo in 1687 and reconstructed of adobe stones in 1690
  • Church of San Juan Bautista, Calamba City - Built in 1759
  • Church of Sta. Rosa de Lima, Sta. Rosa City - constructed in 1796
  • Church of Holy Trinity, Calamba City _ Built in 1997.
Museum and Art Galleries
  • Bahay Laguna, Magdalena
  • Baldemor and Valencia Museum, Paete
  • Danilo Dalena's House of Paintings, Pakil
  • IRRI Riceworld Museum, UP Los Baños
  • Monterola Museum, Nagcarlan
  • Museo ni Cipra, Alaminos
  • Museum of Natural History, UP Los Baños
  • Pila Museum, Pila
  • Rizal Shrine, Calamba City
  • Villa Escudero Museum, San Pablo City


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  2. Hi! The church of the Immaculate Conception formerly known as Nuestra Senora de Agua Santa de Maynit in Los banos, Laguna became a chapel of the hospital in 1602 according to the OFM archives. Thanks!

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