A Pool of Hot Destination Spots in Laguna

Laguna province, named after Laguna de Bay, lies on the fringes of this great body of water which is the country's largest lake. Endowed with bounty of nature such as numerous mineral hot and cold springs, majestic waterfalls, and protected forest areas teeming with a great diversity of flora and fauna, the province is an important cluster of destinations for eco-tourism, wellness visits, leisure activities and special interest. Laguna is the water resort capital of the Philippines with an amazing 500 plus public and private; hot and cold; volcanic and mountain spring-fed resorts to choose from.

Pagsanjan Falls
Pagsanjan Falls (image captured by Angelo Juan Ramos for wiki)
Shoot the rapids in Pagsanjan! Expert boatmen navigate your boat through 16 rapids. The three hour ride ends at Pagsanjan Falls, also called the Magdapio Falls. Stunning gorges and raging waters combine for a scenic ride and an exhilirating adventure.

Enchanted Kingdom
Fun for the young and the young at heart. Sta. Rosa’s Enchanted Kingdom theme park is an outstanding venue for family amusement. Over 23 world class rides and attractions enjoyed by over 10 million visitors and counting.

Rizal Shrine
A replica of the Spanish style house where the national hero lived is now a museum displaying his memorabilia.

Villa Escudero Coconut Plantation and Resort

Unique rural life experience complete with a carabao drawn cart, local cuisine beside a waterfall, Escudero museum and riverside cottages.

Underground Cemetery
The only kind in the country, this 18th century walled cemetery has a tiled walkway leading to an underground crypt.

Seven Lakes
The Seven Lakes of San Pablo namely Sampaloc Lake, Mohicap Lake, Yambo Lake, Pandin Lake, Palakpakin Lake, Kalibato Lake, Bunot Lake are seven crater lakes scattered around the City of San Pablo, in the province of Laguna. In 2005, the Rotary Club of San Pablo City held a ceremony that officially opened the hiking trails that connect the seven lakes of the city. The Rotarians were aiming for economic, environmental and health benefits of the trails to the community.

Splash Island
Splash Island
Taytay Falls
Located at Barangay Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna, Taytay falls has some of the clearest waters. The water flows from Mt. Banahaw, through the mountain's lush and untouched forest which keeps the water clear even during heavy rains. The water temperature is extremely cold even during summer but, for people who are not used to cold water, they can still take a swim for a few minutes before their teeth should start chattering.

Woodcarver from Paete
The Laguneños are master craftsmen and they have preserved age old techniques and time honored traditions in making simple intricate items worthy to own or present as gifts. The country’s carving capital is famous for woodcarving and making paper mache, known locally as taka.

Plant fibers such as those from pineapple and banana are transformed into formal wear in Lumban. These plant fibers are handwoven to create elegant fabrics that stand proud next to contemporary garments designed elsewhere. The value these artisans interpret on embroidered patterns can be seen in the flawless work on exquisite Filipiniana wear that are considered heirlooms among collectors of Philippine crafts.

Another example of Filipino quality craftsmanship in footwear making is seen and felt in every pair bought in Liliw. A “tsinelas” (sandals) festival called Liliw Gat Tayaw highlights the unique expertise of the Liliw residents in making footwear.

Los Banos
Because of the town's proximity to Metro Manila, Los Baños' hot spring resorts are frequent weekend or summer getaways for residents of the vast metropolis and tourists from other places in the Philippines and abroad.

Mount Makiling
Legends surround the mountain, many of which relate to Maria Makiling, said to be the 'guardian fairy' of the mountain. The contour of the mountain is said to be that of her in a reclining position.

Mount Banahaw
The mountain and its environs are considered sacred by the local residents because of its "holy water", which allegedly have beneficial qualities, issuing forth from local springs and its "puwesto s, or the "holy sites". These are composed of unique, natural features such as rocks, caves and springs with shrines erected in, on or around them, their location having been revealed to a man in the Spanish Era by the "Santo Boses" or the "Holy Voices".

Caliraya Lake
Caliraya Lake (photo credits: CMLopez)
A man-made reservoir popular for aqua sports, such as boating, wind surfing, water skiing and game fishing


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