27 Undiscovered Marbles of Romblon

Adventure, recreation and leisure abound in Romblon. It is blessed with an abundance of natural playgrounds and its many natural attractions, both on land and offshore, ensure that the visitor's itinerary will always be filled with memorable places to visit and interesting things to do.

The marble that comes from Romblon is a source of pride for the country. The marble, its quality at par with the world's best, is a lucrative export and is highly valued by sculptors and by builders everywhere as a fine building material.

All of Romblon's islands are blessed with sizable deposits of this mineral and the quarries that produce raw marble do not fear running out of this commodity because of the virtually inexhaustible supply. The small island of Alad alone has enough marble to last 20 years if quarried daily.

Despite being the country's leading producer of marble, the balance of nature in Romblon is still beautifully preserved. This leaves no doubt that man can still reap the rewards of the earth without destroying it.

Tourist spots in Romblon

1. Guyangan Caves
These burial caves are considered to be the oldest in Southeast Asia. Believed to be the source of the Ikat or Banton Burial Cloth.
2. Fort San Nicolas
Built by the famous Recollect friar Fr. Agustin San Pedro, this fort protected the people of Banton from Moro raids.

3. Mt. Banderahan
American soldiers claimed this mountain in the early 20th century to plant an American flag. The flagpole is used by mountaineers as a landmark.

4. Manaha Beach
A wide stretch of white beaches offering seclusion to its visitors.

5. Cawayan Park
This thickly forested area is a refuge for wild flora and fauna. wild boards and monkeys are commonly seen here.

6. Trangkalan Grotto
Features icons of the 14 stations of the cross. The quiet surroundings makes it ideal for meditation.

7. St. Joseph Cathedral and Belfry
Built by the Recollect fathers, this limestone and brick church is the oldest Catholic church in the province.

8. Fort San Andres
This coral brick structure once guarded the people of Romblon from pirates. It is now being used as a weather station.

9. Mt. Guiting-Guiting
Peaking at almost 7,000ft, Mt. Guiting Guiting offers a challenging ascent to even seasoned climbers. The summit offers wide views of Romblon province as well as Marinduque.

10. Paseo de Magdiwang
Found close to Magdiwang beach, this area boasts of agojo and pine trees older than the park itself.

11. Cawa-Cawa Falls
This kettle shape pool was naturally carved out of solid rock by cascading water. It is filled with native shrimp called Uyang.

12. Alibagon Beach
A small crescent shape white sand beach ideal for swimming, sailing and trekking.

13. Cantingas River
Cantingas River
image captured by Ronald Salamat Aliwa
The constantly flowing water of this river is crystal clear, odourless and tasteless. The water is so clean that it can be drank while taking a swim. Winner, 2005 Cleanest and Greenest River in the Philippines. 

14. Cresta de Gallo
This five hectare, kidney shaped islet features lush terrain which slopes gently to a white sand beach. The islet is surrounded by coral reefs and rich marine life. Ideal for snorkeling and Scuba diving.

15. Tinap-an Beach
Its powder like white sands, and clear waters rival those of Boracay. It also showcases cliffs, a labyrinth of caves and a large coral reef.

16. Aglicay Beach Resort
A cozy white sand beach resort with complete amenities and full service. Features a house reef and beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

17. Sta. Maria Beach
Walking barefoot on this gravel beach is said to be beneficial to people with arthritis because of its acupuncture like effect.

18. Canyayo Beach
The beach is composed of white sand and crushed corals while the sea floor is covered with pebbles.

19. Binocot Beach
Located at Brgy. Bunsoran, south of Ferrol town, this secluded attraction is similar to Dakak Park in Dapitan. Beach cottages and a restaurant are available.

20. Looc Marine Sanctuary
A protected area which is home to a large variety of fish and corals. Features a lighthouse standing within the protected area.

21. Mainit Falls
Its warm waters cascade through three layers that form three deep pools ideal for bathing.

22. Tuburan Falls
This natural wonder features seven waterfalls and local folklore claims the cave near the falls leads to Cayatong or the land of the fairies.

23. Poctoy Beach
Fine gray sand covers this beach but this attraction makes up for its lack of the preffered white variety by showcasing breathtaking sunsets.

24. Bangko-bangko Point
This attraction earned it name from the unusual rock formations that resemble chairs (bangko).

25. Mablaran Falls
One of the more popular swimming and picnic sites, this waterfalls drops into a 20 foot deep pool of blue green water.

26. Tinagong Dagat
Measuring forty feet in diameter, this pool of saltwater is separated from the ocean by no more than 33 feet.

27. Oregon Rock
Two giant block boulders that stand guard at the entrance to Romblon Pass. The larger of the two boulders towers more than 65 feet high.

How to get to Romblon?
Going to sea transport usually takes 10 hours from Manila's Pier 8 but an alternative would be to embark from the Port of Batangas for the 8 hour trip to Odiongan. When going by air, charter services are the norm since there are currently no regular flights to the Tugdan Airport in Tablas Island.


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