16 Reasons to Smile at Cagayan

Tourist Spots in Cagayan

1Callao Tourist Zone
Callao Cave
Famous for the seven chambered Callao Caves, tourists can also expereinece kayaking in the Class I-II rapids of picturesque Pinacanauan River. Get wet passing by boat through the "Mororan" and watch the circadian flight of bats at about dusk.(image source)

2. Humpack Whale and Dolphin watching
Look out for occasional whales or dolphins, leaping about as you go island hopping and camping in the Babuyan Group of Islands which has the highest number of such sightings. In this area, 14 whale and dolphins species are believed to honeymoon and give birth.

3. Fuga Island
A territory of Aparri, Fuga has fine white sand, centuries old Spanish church and casa made of corals and lime.

4. Portabaga Falls
The 18 meter high falls empties its crystal clear waters into 3 natural basins ideal for swimming and picnicking.

5. Sentinela Beach, Claveria
This attraction is very ideal for swimming as tourists are also offered the opportunity to view the majestic setting of the sun. Have fun in buying marine products of the locality as fishermen dock their boats in the vicinity and offer their catch at very reasonable prices.

6. Ubing-Ubing Beach, Claveria
The Punta Lakay-Lakay is a rock formation which gave birth to a now famous legend of Lakay-Lakay(husband), Baket-Baket (wife) and Ubing-Ubing (child). Aside from beachcombing and swimming, you can do other activities like Frisbee, windsurfing and jet-skiing.

7. Pata Church Ruins, Sanchez Mira
Built in 1575, the Santa Maria Magdalena Church in Pata is the first church built in Cagayan and is considered as the oldest church ruins in northern Philippines.

8. Pamplona Church
Originally called the Church of Masi, it was built in 1614 under the direction of Miguel de San Jacinto, O.P.

9. Nipa Wine-making, Abulug
Several households still make nipa wine using the old traditions of curing the nipa that can make one really tipsy.

10. Aparri Delta
The Aparri Delta, where the Cagayan river empties into the sea, is a mute witness to the great galleon and Acapulco trade of yore.

11. Buguey
Historical Buguey supplies provinces in Luzon with “guraman” or seaweeds in different variety. A “Guraman Festival” is held every year to promote this aquatic bounty.

12. Palaui Island, Sta. Ana
The white island of Palaui is home to one of the only 2 Spanish-built lighthouses in northern Philippines, the Cape Engano, built in 1894.

13. Calayan Island
Virginal powdery white sand beaches await the adventurous amidst unexplored falls and rock formations

14. Anguib Beach
Anguib Beach (photo courtesy of http://theislandexplorer.blogspot.com/) 
Its golden sand and crystal clear waters make it the unspoiled emerald paradise of Cagayan.

15. Magapit Suspension Bridge

Built in 1978 by Japanese engineers, the Magapit Suspension Bridge in Lal-lo is considered the first suspension bridge in Northern Philippines.

16. St. Catherine Church, Gattaran
Built in the early 17th century, this beautiful church of stones and bricks was later repaired in the 19th century.