Unmasking the Beauty of Marinduque

Marinduque is famously identified with the staging of the colourful Moriones tableau. This century old and week-long celebration during the Holy Week is a re-enactment of Christ’s passion and death with Longinus as the other central character. He was the blind centurion who miraculously regained his sight and later converted into Christianity.
Moriones Festival

Although the celebration is province-wide, the practice originated in the town of Mogpog where the Lentern observance has undergone subtle changes over a hundred years. Moriones draws its name from Morion which means mask or visor such as those worn by Roman centurions. Indeed, the festival is characterized by the “Moriones” men or women dressed in colourful Roman costumes, processions and a week long re-enactment of the story of Longinus.

How to Make the Morion Mask

The skill and artistry of the people of Marinduque is readily evident in each Moriones headgear. The intricate carving, expertly painted mask and the decorations make each item a novelty and a testament to their skill.

1. Prepare chopped trunks of Dapdap wood.
2. Measure head and face and sharpen carving tools.
3. Base of headgear exactly matches measurements of each person.
4. Face is carved according to desired design.
5. Color and fine details are painted.
6. Finish the mask with desired ornaments.

Tourist Spots in Marinduque

1. Malbog Hot Springs, one of the sulphur springs found in the Southern Tagalog region where its lukewarm sulphuric water comes from Mt. Malindig.
2. Maniwaya  fine white sand
3. Paadjao Falls and Kawa-kawa Falls.
4. Butterfly Farms in Gasan. Do you know that Marinduque is the country’s Butterfly Capital? Marinduque’s mild climate and diversity of ecosystems provide the perfect for butterfly breeding.
5. Boac Cathedral was constructed in 1760 and originally named “Simbahan ng Ina ng Biglang Awa” is the oldest standing structure in the province.
6. Marinduque Museum
7. Bathala Caves, a complex network of seven mostly unchartered caves. It is said to be multi-tiered, hosting thousands of bats and phytons.
8. Bellarocca Island formerly known as Elephant Island is situated off the south west coast of the Marinduque province. With its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue of the sky above and the clear water below, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa offers a fantastic experience unlike any other place in the Philippines and across South-East Asia.
9. Poctoy White Beach is a kilometer-long fine white sand strip that offers spectacular sunrise view.
10. Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary hides many treasures in its deep waters such as sunken Chinese commercial junkboats from the Sung and Chang dynasties, an underwater cave system, and school of hammerhead sharks.