Tourist Spots in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

A sojourn to the Illocandia is incomplete without walking down the cobblestone streets and rows of ancestral houses in Vigan city aptly called “Heritage Village”. Built in varying Spanish-Mexican-Chinese architectural styles, thick brick walls, tile roofs and red clay, the mansions stand side by side to each other as if frozen in time.

Calle Crisologo
Calle Crisologo at night (image source)
The street brings back the mood of the historic Spanish times; experience the grandeur of the past as you stroll alongside ancestral houses; an excellent spot to shop for antiques and souvenir items.
Father Burgos Museum
The museum showcases Father Burgos memorabilia, cultural, archaeological and ethnographic treasures, antique collections and the 14 Esteban Pichay Villanueva paintings depicting the 1807 Basi revolt.

Museo Nueva Segovia
Features artifacts and archdiocesan archives and other Episcopal paraphernalia.

Museo San Pablo
The first and only museum in the region committed to conservation of religious heritage through a distinct faith-cultural approach.

Plaza Salcedo
Features the 17th century Juan de Salcedo monument, the oldest of its kind in Northern Luzon; Gabriela Silang was executed here by public hanging in 1763

Plaza Burgos
A landmark tribute to Father Jose P. Burgos; has a children’s park and a local delicacy food court.

St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral
(image source)
Built by the Augustinians in a distinctive Baroque architecture, it symbolizes Vigan as the center of ecclesiastical influence in the north as the seat of the ancient Diocese of Nueva Segovia.

Accommodation choices in Vigan

Crisologo Museum
Houses the memorabilia of the late Congressman Floro Crisologo.

Provincial Jail
Bult in 1657, it’s the birthplace of President Elpidio Quirino on November 16, 1890.

Simbaan a Bassit and Composanto
Built in 1852 and dedicated to the Sto. Cristo popularly revered in Ilocos as “Apo Lakay” who was believed to have saved Vigan’s populace from a plague in 1882.

Filipino-Spanish Friendship Park
Features a swimming pool and an ampitheater; gives the best view of the city and its environs; a favourite destination for picnics, the first Ilocano children’s museum “Buridek” is a new attraction opening in July 2008

image source
Owned by former Governor Chavit Singson, Baluarte features a mini zoo, skeet shooting range, pony rides and animal show.


This is the place to see for authentic burnay jars, pottery making done in traditional way.

Abel Weavers
Located at Barangay Camagaan, the place offers a variety of intricately designed colourful Abel Iloco woven materials on sale and exhibits the traditional art of handloom weaving.

The only surviving 18th century arzobispado, it served as headquarters of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in 1889 and the official residence of the Archbishop of Nueva Segovia

Damili Village
Experience the unique art of moulding terracotta in different forms by hand and foot.

Flores Pots and Hidden Garden
Discover a place enveloped in colourful blossoms and indulge yourself with its special Vigan empanada.

Sinait Church
Enshrined in this century-old church is the 17th century image of the Black Nazarene found floating in a sealed casket along the coast of Sinait. Believed to have caused a miracle by aborting a plague that hit Vigan during the 18th century, the shrine is flocked by many to celebrate the feast of the Black Nazarene every 3rd day of May

Bantay Bell Tower and Bantay Church
The church features earthquake baroque and Gothic-influenced architecture. Its belfry located a few meters away was used as a lookout point for approaching enemies.

Pinsal Falls

A favorite setting of many local films, Pinsal Falls features Angalo’s footprint, the legendary Ilocano giant. The falls is a few kilometers of rough road from the highway. Located at Barangay Babalasiwan, Sta. Maria. Other waterfalls in Ilocos Sur are CANIAW FALLS in Bantay, GAMBANG FALLS in Cervantes, AWASEN FALLS in Sigay and BARASIBIS in Sinait.

Santiago Cove
A stretch of golden sand beach in Santiago with amenities for picnics and water sports.

Tirad Pass
This is where the young general, Gregorio del Pilar and his men made their last stand against superior American invaders in 1899.

Cabugao Beach
Cabugao is a 30-min ride from vigan. from vigan, go farther north, and pass by bantay, sto domingo, san ildefonso, magsingal, and san juan. when you reach the town proper, ask for pug-os. the beach resort is just a few meters off the high way. if you want white sand beach and have no time for pagudpud, then this is a better alternative.(source)