Only in the Philippines: 10 cool ways to let others know you've visited the Philippines

Here are some cool evidences to let your friends and family know you've visited the Philippines. All you need to do is show them photos of you with the list below, "Only in the Philippines" style. Just don't forget to capture those precious moments :)

1. Eat in Jollibee
If there's someone who can beat flat Ronald here in the Philippines, that will be our local version of McDonalds, headed by the jolliest Bee in the whole wide world! Try Filipino's take on spaghetti which is more meaty and sweeter than the Italian version. Also don't miss out the Jollibee Chicken Joy, the juiciest chicken you'll probably ever eat. You'll find Jollibee in every corner - there's a Jollibee in every mall, in every province, in every city. (image source)

2. Window shopping at SM Mall of Asia 
A day tour won't be enough to tour the whole area of what is classified as Philippines’ largest and world’s third largest mall, the 407,000 square-meter SM Mall of Asia. Don't miss out the dramatic sunset view at the mall's seaside boulevard. Visiting the place at night? Click here to read some things to see and do around seaside boulevard. Otherwise known as MOA, SM Mall of Asia is located in Pasay, a 15-30 minute drive from NAIA.

3. Admire the tarsiers
Known as the world's smallest primate, the tarsiers can be found in some key areas in the Philippines such as  Samar, Leyte and Mindanao provinces but can be easily seen in Bohol. Be mesmerized with its huge eyes, long tail and that irresistible charm that makes this cutey creature so lovable to visitors. The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary is less than a half-hour drive from Tagbilaran City, and can be reached by either private or public transport. Guests may tour the tarsier enclosure, with the accompaniment of a tour guide, for a minimal fee. (image captured by Michelle Lyles)

Did you know?
  • Tarsiers do not belong in cages, given their territorial natures. In fact, a single tarsier needs at least a hectare of space.
  • They are nocturnal animals and should not be disturbed during the day.
  • If disturbed, tarsiers may commit suicide in captivity due to the trauma from touching and loud noises.

4. Dance in the beat of Ati-Atihan Festival
Philippine's wildest among its colorful list of cultural and historical festivities, the Ati-Atihan Festival is held every February in the town of Kalibo in Aklan, Iloilo.

5. Indulge in Cebu Lechon

When TV Chef Anthony Bourdain visited the Philippines for his show "No Reservations", he declared he found the best pig ever. He expressed,  “It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I’ve had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best. This puts the standings in the Hierarchy of Pork as follows: #1. Philippines #2. Bali #3. Puerto Rico”

6. Feed on Balut
Ready to challenge yourself for an extreme  foodie experience? Video yourself and produce your own fear factor episode! Ranking first as the world's most terrifying food in the world according to, balut has graced several fear factor episodes. What's a balut? It's basically a nearly developed duck embryo, boiled and eaten with rock salt. It's also considered as an aphrodisiac. So, if you truly want to immerse in the Philippine culture, don't let the opportunity pass to eat Balut :)

7. Buy souvenir from Manny Pacquiao's Team Pacquiao stores

World Boxing Champion and Saranggani Congressman Manny Pacquiao is Philippine's top sports icon to date. Probably the greatest way to get hold of some souvenir pieces is to visit his Team Pacquiao store in his hometown in General Santos City. Die hard fans will surely drool over an array of souvenir and gift items from Team Pacquiao jackets to Pacquiao keychains. Sales of these souvenirs increases tremendously in every Pacman's fight.

8. PBB House
Get ready to shout "Hello Philippines, Hello World" to the most famous house in the Philippines, the Pinoy Big Brother House in Quezon City located just in front of ABS-CBN building. Agreeably more famous than MalacaƱang Palace, the PBB house (from the Big Brother franchise) opened its door in 2005 and has since earned its fame and following from millions of TV Viewers. (image captured by Rey Nocum)

9. Ride a jeep
Dubbed as the Undisputed King of the Road, The Philippine Jeep is a symbol of Filipino's creativity and ingenuity.  And with the intention to support a much greener Philippines, today's jeep have definitely leveled up with the launch of E-jeepneys, converting diesel jeepneys to electric vehicles. The e-jeepney or electronic jeepney which was developed by Solar Electric Company, Inc. (Solarco) was featured in the Discovery Channel's Ecopolis, a technology TV program hosted by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Daniel Kammen. Here's the new face of Philippine jeep which can be seen in Makati:
the new face of Philippine jeepney, the E-Jeepney